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The primary research focus is collectible design, furniture, functional art and a bit of architecture.

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Welcome to RE·SEARCH. This free Newsletter and Instagram account introduces remarkable artists, designers, studios and their works.

Hi, I am Jan-Philipp, a multidisciplinary designer and craftsman from Germany and the publisher of RE·SEARCH. I hold a degree in fashion design and marketing from Central Saint Martins. I have worked in various forms in the fashion industry, most notably as the founder and creative director of the studio/brand CONUNDRUM. Since COVID-19, I have felt the urge to work more with my hands and have a more intimate relationship with the objects I make. I slowly transitioned into craft, picking up woodworking and am currently studying fine furniture making at Rowden Atelier in the UK. I created RE·SEARCH as a space to return to when looking for inspiring individuals and enterprises working in collectible design. Curating this space is a hobby; therefore, please understand that the frequency of “research reports” may fluctuate.

Whether you are an interior designer or architect looking for inspiration or to source that missing piece for your next project, a private collector looking to hand out commission work, or just a dabbling enthusiast, RE·SEARCH will provide you with interesting places to look. 

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Disclaimer: RE·SEARCH introduces talented designers, artists and studios. Unless stated otherwise, RE·SEARCH and the people behind it do not own the rights to the images shown in this publication. All images presented here belong to the respective individuals or companies.


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I am a multidisciplinary designer from Germany. I constantly research the design and art world and share my findings via RE-SEARCH.ORG.